Minimax T 20
Minimax T 20
Minimax T 20
Minimax T 20
Minimax T 20

Minimax T 20

Simply intelligent and versatile. Designed with exclusive solutions, this machine allows the trimming of shaped panels and with a tilted edge.

- High rigidity and stability steel monoblock base
- Scratch phenolic multilayer work table w/ modular holes w/ adjustable and rotating supports (no. 20 standard supports)

Trimming group with:
- Two 0.55 kW motors with support carriages running on ground guides
- Manual device for moving the two motors apart vertically in order to facilitate the insertion of curved panels.
- Horizontal adjustment of the upper motor to enable the trimming of a panel with a chamfered edge.
- Vertical adjustment of the upper motor to enable adjustment to match panel thickness.
- 200 Hz inverter, complete with electronic brake.
- Integrated exhaust outlets to ensure a clean work table at all times without hampering the machining

Copying devices with:
- Vertical-scratch copiers kit to ensure optimum machine operation. Pair of copiers with three bearings for straight panels, and a pair of copiers with single large dimensions bearing for curved and shaped panels.
- Simple and immediate positioning of tools with reference to the cutting point, by means of pivoting rings with decimal indication
- Front interchangeable rotating copying devices kit with hardened, ground chromed contact surfaces. 5 different copiers are supplied as standard for an easy and rapid machine setup.
- Pair of multifunction diamond cutters R=2mm

Technical Specifications

Panel thickness

0.55” – 3.15”

(14mm – 80mm)

Maximum edge thickness


Minimum panel width

6.3” (160mm)

Minimum panel length

7.87” (200mm)

Minimum internal radius

1” (25mm)

Exhaust hoods (x2)

3.15” (80mm)

Installed motor power

2 HP (1.5 Kw)

Variable cutters speed

9,000 – 15,000 rpm

Overall dimensions (L x W x H)

1000mm x 800mm x 1400mm