Minimax ME 40T
Minimax ME 40T
Minimax ME 40T
Minimax ME 40T
Minimax ME 40T
Minimax ME 40T
Minimax ME 40T
Minimax ME 40T
Minimax ME 40T
Minimax ME 40T
Minimax ME 40T

Minimax ME 40T

The Minimax ME 40T3 is a 3-phase automatic edgebander with great flexibility for both thin and thick edges, intended to bridge the gap between a traditional small to midsize edgebander for woodworkers. One of the key features is the pre-mill. There is no competition in the U.S. market for such a small, versatile machine, with pre-mill that is so economical! This machine is meant to be used with melamine edges, PVC and ABS up to 3mm and wooden strips up to 5mm. SCM Group has the right machine for every application. This amazing machine boasts capacities usually only found on much larger units. This edgebander includes high frequency motors, a dual cutterhead pre-milling unit, a spare and interchangeable glue pot, precise trimming units, and three finishing systems all in a relatively small footprint that is affordably priced.


- PLC Control System.
- Panel Edge Trimming Unit for straight or radius trimming on thick or thin PVC, ABS, Melamine, Laminate or Wood.
- Interchangeable and spare gluing unit with auto-sensory cooling to avoid burning of glue.
- Glue spreading roller with electrical resistance inside provides a uniform glue spread at maximum working temperature.
- End Cutting Unit with high frequency motor for best finishing.
- Monitors Temperature on the Roller.
- End Trim Unit with front and vertical copying wheels and high frequency motors to generate high cutter rotating speeds.
- Cutters are designed for straight or radius trimming with numerical readout setup.
- Radius Scrape for use on PVC/ABS edges with user-friendly exclusion of the device when not in use.
- Glue Scraping unit for removal of excel glue on the panel edge/joint.
- Brushing Unit for removal of excess glue on the panel edge/joint.
- Brushing Unit tilted vertically adjustable motors.


– Safety enclosure
– Control panel on machine infeed side
– Main frame made of bended and welded steel plates to ensure a high rigidity structure
– Top steel presser with two rows of rubber coated wheels mounted on bearings and enclosure that covers the wheels
– Manual adjustment of top beam with automatic positioning of the operating units according to selected panel thickness
– Numeric indicator of the selected panel thickness
– Feed track made of pads coated with high friction rubber fixed on a ¾ industrial chain. Two sliding pad guideways,
one round and one flat, to ensure straightness of movement and resistance to side loads. Manual pad lubrication.
– Panel support roller which can be extended on the entire length of the machine
– Specific exhaust outlets for glue pot, pre-milling unit, and trimming unit
– PLC and 4” graphic display with large and luminous characters, selection of working language, keyboard with “soft touch” pushbuttons and led light, adjustment and indication of the glue pot temperature encoder positioned on the panel feed track pinion padlockable main switch and overload protection, emergency pushbutton

Minimax Edgebander FAQs


Worktable dimensions

136.4” x 28”

(3465mm x 710mm)

Min / max thickness of rolled edges

0.4 - 3mm

Max thickness of edges in strips

Up to 5mm

Min. – max. panel height

8mm - 50mm

(.315” – 1.96”)

Min panel length/width

190mm / 110mm (7.48”/4.33”)

Feed motor power

.73 Hp (.55 kW)

Feed speed

9 m/min (29.5 fpm)

Operating temperature

68 - 374°F (20 - 190°C)


Motor power

3 Hp (2.2 kW)

Diamond cutter

Ø 80mm Z2 H=56

Blade rotation speed

7,200 rpm

Stock removal

0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 mm


Motor power

.33 Hp (.25 kW)

Glue capacity

1.76 lbs. (.8 kg)


Motor power

.25 Hp (.19 kW)

End cutting blade

Ø 125mm Z20

Blade rotation speed

12,000 rpm


Upper/lower motor power

2x .47 Hp (.35 kW)

Widia cutters

Ø 55.3 mm Z3

Cutters rotational speed

12,000 rpm

Vertical/horizontal copying devices



Motor power (each)

.18 Hp (.14 kW)

Rotation speed

2,800 rpm


3-phase, 230v

Pneumatic operating pressure

6.5 bar

Exhaust Outlet pre-milling unit diameter (x2)

60mm (2.36”)

Exhaust Outlet glue pot unit diameter

80mm (3.15”)

Exhaust Outlet Diameter (x2)

120mm (2.36”)