Minimax FS 41E
Minimax FS 41E

Minimax FS 41E

A powerful and user-friendly surfacing-thicknessing machine for D.I.Y. woodworkers and craftsmen workshops. The Minimax FS 41E 16” jointer planer has a high-flexible production with an “elite” finishing, designed for the demanding craftsmen and carpentries.

- Precision-ground cast iron tables w/ spring assist
- Digital mechanical readout for planning thickness
- Industrial jointer fence, supported directly over cutterhead
- Dual dust extraction ports, both exit toward planer outfeed side
- Dual-post planer table support
- American-style jointer guard
- Toolset & operator’s manual

Depending on the desired cutterhead, the Minimax FS 41E also comes with:

- Tersa 4 knife cutterhead with quick-change knives

- XYLENT Technology Silent Cutterhead

** The Minimax FS 41E comes with an American-style spring-loaded jointer guard and does not come with the pictured European guard in the attached pictures **

Minimax Jointer/Planer FAQs



Jointer tables total length

78.7” (2000mm)

Working width

16” (410mm)

Cutterhead speed

5,300 rpm

Maximum depth of cut


Fence dimensions

6” x 43”

Fence tilt

0°- 45°


Table size

16” x 30.5” (423mm x 775mm)

Maximum working thickness

9” (230mm)

Minimum working thickness

0.125” (3mm)

Maximum stock removal


Feed speeds

23 & 43 fpm



230 volt

Minimum dust extraction volume

600 cfm

Dust extraction outlet diameter

4.75” (120mm)

Overall dimensions

34" x 28" x 79"

Shipping weight

1034 lbs.