Freedom 5 x 12 CNC Router

Freedom 5 x 12 CNC Router

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The Freedom 5x12 is a flat-table 3-Axis CNC machining center engineered and manufactured by Diversified Machine Systems in Colorado Springs, CO. North American innovation and quality is on full display in this composition specifically assembled for the woodworking industry.

The machine features a 5’ by 12’ phenolic worktable separated into four independent vacuum zones. A 10 HP Hiteco electrospindle and 9-spindle vertical drilling unit provide the necessary power and flexibility needed for a wide spectrum of projects. Work with precision using the integrated tool height sensor and electronically controlled reference pins. The under-bridge mounted 10-position tool changer boosts the capabilities of this model into the next level. Tool changes can occur in less than 10 seconds! Automatic tool change cycles mean no interaction is needed from the operator during the program.

The compact layout of the machine makes this platform perfect for any shop, big or small. Feel the power of an American-made product backed by the largest woodworking machinery manufacturer in the world. Request a customized quote today to speak to a representative near you!

- 5’ x 12’ Phenolic worktable
- 4 independent vacuum zones
- X/Y/Z FAGOR Controlled AC Servo Motor System
- X/Y Rack & Pinion Drive System
- Dual Servo Drive X-Axis
- Up to 2120 in/min Vectoral Traverse Speed
- 10 HP Hiteco Electrospindle
- 10-Position Gantry-Mounted Automatic Tool Change Rack
- 9-spindle Hiteco Vertical Drilling Unit
- Pneumatic Up/Down Dust Extraction Hood
- Two 10 HP Becker VTLF 2.250 Vacuum Pump
- FAGOR 8070 PLC
- Touchscreen Display on Mobile Control Console
- Windows OS
- Network & USB Ports

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